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Street wisdom

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Luz, más luz

Light, more light

If students were not protesting they were not be students.

The best lesson of global democracy is being offered by Venezuelan students in the streets, where they are giving their lives in this noble endeavor .

The world realizes the aberration of a political system to be forced by the group of thugs of the regime, which only guarantees the misery of the people to maintain power, and exports the model above by the payments to other presidents interested in franchising for an indefinite mandate and impunity.

The lecture delivered by the boys permeates so beautiful and authentic, to the extent of removing the crust of hatred for 15 years of power, which have endeavored to deepen until it becomes scar, those that deform through.

This revival is the best example of the capacity of societies to regenerate in the presence of a depleted scheme. The so-called representatives of power (anyway who voted for the congress prison keeper ? ) Show the repeated hysteria of the past, appealing to the formula that opened the gap to initiate a hope that has been betrayed .

Nothing sadder than a student supporting the genocide – because they are considered safe from barbarism without understanding how affirming the lack of action is.

Let the light do its job !

Gustavo, April 14, 2014


Written by gpisanic

14/04/2014 a 6:01 PM

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