Un gato en el año del tigre

Mi gato maúlla por siempre.

Free fall

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Mientras vaya volando

As high as it takes

War is a stern master – Thucydides

The first image of an armed conflict in this troubled nation that I keep in my poor memory has to do with Captain Castro León who rose up against the government of Romulo Betancourt in April 1960. While the insurgent movement raised the Canberra to attack government, I fell back from the edge of a hospital bed, those with rising bars that can be elevated to facilitate patient care .

Overwhelmed by the force of gravity, I tried to hold on to anything to stop this debacle. But all I earn is more speed as an apple demonstrated to Newton centuries ago .

Since then every time the republic shakes its lethargy, revives in me the feeling of freefall and the associated vertigo. Looks like a reflex, those that are always activated when the elements of provocation are present.

As in the ’92’s social unrest whose mudslide caused some adjustments in the establishment of our society. The tide mark of water was not enough to overcome the resentment, and the bodies were never accounted for. Caracas was full of vultures and executed innocent.

It happened in 97 when a cowardly act against institutions was executed on the grounds of widespread corruption, the handover of sovereignty and the unauthorized donation of funds to foreign causes. The victim in this case was the constitutional line that revealed his astonishing fragility.

Continued in 2002 under the indiscriminate slaughter by sniping at the expense of a demonstration against widespread corruption, the handover of sovereignty and the unauthorized donation of funds to foreign causes.

Today, again with the same arguments and same practice of summary execution, while I continue in free fall , students come to the rescue of the right to demonstrate by claiming the future that belongs to them, opposing to widespread corruption, the handover of sovereignty and the unauthorized funds to foreign causes.

My reflection accelerated by the gravity of the moment has to do with the persistence of the same factors that trigger the need to protest in our society on a rather regular basis.

While the most important value for the people is power, most will be forced to obey. When the most important value is the responsibility of the citizen as a watchdog of the government to contain its excesses, you get through this free fall and avoid hitting bottom .

I remember the end of my journey down the bed that the blow did not hurt as much as the vertigo, and the mark was indelible leaving my head like a piggy bank. Since then I have been collecting scars from similar causes, some visible other internal, but nothing like that caused by the public execution of student protesters. That has no cure and leaves a half open heart, like the country.


Written by gpisanic

13/04/2014 a 12:01 PM

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  1. Future belongs to the youth, we are just the past reminders to encourage them to avoid it. Greetings! ~cARMEN~

    Me gusta


    16/04/2014 at 9:27 AM

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