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Demonstration killer device

I accuse the regime occupying the government of Venezuela to execute a systematic extermination of segments of the population through various practices including ;

Using listings irregularly obtained to identify, pursue , harass and criminalize people declared objectives , including those participating in calls for referendum per constitutional mandate.

The exclusion of the representatives of Parliament elected by the opposition parties in the joint commissions for administrative acts that include the nomination, selection and announcement of the responsible public authorities, including the Supreme Electoral Council, the preliminary hearings of merit and weighted discussion of the bills .

The indiscriminate use of state resources for campaign activities of the ruling party, including mandatory programs for broadcasting propaganda or block the spread of events of national interest promoted by democratic alternative factors.

The deployment of mercenary forces, equipped with weapons and resources of the state, acting with lethal force in coordination with government agencies against demonstrators, students, journalists, trade unionists and generally against anyone who raises his voice against the regime. Coordinated action involves both the attack by armed gangs with official repression and inaction of these organisms despite being present while mercenary cowardly attacks the defenseless population.

The handling of personal information to support the activities of state terrorism, including engraving , publication and distribution of telephone conversations , emails, voting lists and pay rolls of institutions or state programs .

The plunder of public or private production facilities through precarious legal decisions to place them at the service of sectoral interests, and decrease the alternatives of creating different social benefit subject to the central power.

Abuse of power by dedicated public resources in favor of the Venezuelan ruling party, with emphasis on electoral activities for the forced mobilization of voters. Using payroll listings obtained from the institutions, programs or state contractors to increase the threat to voters is part of the practice.

The exclusion of opposition representatives on the boards of public authorities that merit representation proportional to the results of the preceding universal voting balance, ie the National Electoral Council.

The denial of an independent audit of the permanent electoral register.

The purchase of consciences in international forums .

The politicization of the armed forces.

The extermination of students.

Promoting hatred.



This is my accuse , what ‘s yours? # miyoacuso

Gustav, April 11, 2014 #MiYoacuso


Written by gpisanic

11/04/2014 a 12:01 PM

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