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Heretic memories – Part IV

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La historia descubierta

A votes cemetery

The Venezuelan electoral power has been the biggest mockery of the people’s will that could be articulated in any democracy or regime – saving those where all elections are ever 100 % in favor of the corresponding satrap. At least in that particular, here they have taken the trouble to make up the numbers – without actually risking results to dyeing this farce of a democracy .

First it was violated the sacred right of secret ballot. When in 2004 attempt to establish a recall referendum, a decision of the Supreme Court of dubious legality, required applicants to be identified in full to summon the act despite being provided for in the Constitution. Nobody ever said anything of the obligation to identify. With the secret electoral loss, coupled with the destruction of jobs by the expressway expropriations, forced dispossession and occupations, the citizen was limited to express any opinion against the regime, which surely was now his employer.

The integrity of the counting process was then removed through the implementation of totalizing voting machines, which made it virtual – electronic voting. At first, as the scheme developed his expertise in handling the popular expression, dispossession was based on a simple change the outcome. Votes allocated to a referendum option ended up to another. It was that simple.

For when the international observation requested and was granted with presence and demanded audits, manipulating methods were refined. Today, it is a black box process for anybody but the regime and party, with real-time monitoring and online visibility to dispatch commands using public resources to mobilize voters, forced or no, to ensure results suit their candidate. The mechanisms of subjection to the population have to do with the different channels used to dispense gifts or guarantee jobs or temporary jobs, which are paid in votes, official presence in marches or in reaction to proselytizing efforts of the opposition. The machinery of the state – paid by taxpayers is ultimately devoted to serve the party and tweak any contrary result.

The electoral offense lies in mobilizing votes and forced loss of anonymity, based on the monitoring by the regime of the results as they accumulate in the voting machines. During the last election circus it was widely known about voters who were virtually dragged to the polling stations, under threat of force and remove them from the official lists of beneficiaries of assistance plans, which become mechanisms of harassment and subjugation.

The counting process is auditable, the process of extortion is not. And in the presence of representatives of the group of observers mendicant nations, there is little that can be expected in an unbiased report.

Only the European Union was able to discern some of the abuses found in this latest electoral show.

With no opportunity to express the will of the majority, there are no mechanisms of understanding and the extreme repression proves it.

Gustavo, April 11, 2014 – Tomorrow – A legislative gallows


Written by gpisanic

10/04/2014 a 9:07 PM

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