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Heretic memories – Part III

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Ministerio del Intelecto

Department of Intellect

The check and balance entities ended up in the hands of the regime, by trusted party members, unable to fulfill the role that the new constitution required. One thing was the mandate of the text and quite another performance of the institutions that build democracy. The weak barrier between the party and the government did not exist but in the minds of those deluded who grew by nearly two generations under the democratic change and independent judgment. Back then it was not the best democracy in the world, but had room to complain and the repression was elevated to accredited bodies for the protection of victims. Today is quite the opposite. Repression is high and the victims are accredited without complaint.

I remember during the opening act of the judicial year – when the President meet with the Justices for the corresponding protocol act. How sad to witness the grotesque expression of devotion and servility of the high court judges. As a choreography of misery loudly chanted the war cry of the strong man the minute he made his appearance. They took side at once all with no need for dissimulation, despite being invested with the robes that had in vain for the nation to be honored by the exercise of independent consciousness. Still those infamous screams echo in the main hall, as a monument to shame from a band disguised as justices, and where today they rush judgments without formal trial. No need to save the form or decor when there is a moral debacle .

Each and every one of these entities was aligned with the ruling party to form an obedient mass. The comptroller did not investigate but to those who opposed the regime, the ombudsman instilled the causes of those who aspired to be represented before the state and the security forces persecuted the opposition and intelligence agencies colluded with mobsters. Even a parole program was created for those cons serving executing missions of people who manifest. Republican deformation is such that this is not a nation from the legal point of view, it is a tragic outline of a Roman circus.

One of the most distinctive characters of the social tragedy of this period proved to be an ambitious journalist who had handled the candidate after his failed coup, being one of the first to provide lights and cameras in his opinion program. Like presidents, deans, historians, writers and many other notorious characters, probably thought he was taking advantage of a bungler and uneducated military , in order to use him as a means to promote politically by flattering his ego. It became the most important at that time Mayor, Caracas City, but his imperial dream was disgraced and armed gangs run the shots to make him disappear from the city hall.

The regime was running a state in conjunction the gad guys against the population, still dreaming with the options of a democracy, which passed by a distorted electoral system deserving a separate entry on this blog.

Gustavo , April 10 2014 – Tomorrow – The supreme electoral misfortune or the ministry Vote


Written by gpisanic

10/04/2014 a 1:01 AM

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  1. Gustavo: Greetings from Madison, WI, USA. You have great writing skills. Apparently, I am now “siguiendo” 🙂 come back and visit sometime. Cheers!

    Me gusta


    10/04/2014 at 9:27 AM

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