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Heretic memories – Part I

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El pueblo agujereado

Leaking nation

My own view of the preceeding facts or the fall of a republic in the XXI century

The great illusion of renewing by people fed up with the politicians of the day, unable to offer alternatives to the prevailing value crisis ​​achieved what seemed impossible thanks to the effective division of powers – request a preliminary hearing on a president in office, force his resignation, instruct an interim man in charge and revive an octogenarian politician from retirement to place him in front of the electoral race.

At that time, no one believed in anybody and as usual, an opportunist took care to use a popular language to charm that wandering mass evicted without known political course. The year was 1993 and the mandate went to Caldera for his second term in office.

By then the puppet of a failed coup that attempted to subvert the constitutional order became the star of the media, who never understood the irresponsibility of spreading insurrection messages of unlimited smeared populism. For over 15 years, media have been paying dearly, like the society as a whole which fell seduced under an alienating figure who devoted himself exclusively to stoke hate, envy and resentment that we Venezuelans had buried several republics ago.

Immediately before the institutional weakness ambitions at all levels of the political ecosystem emerged, smelling the blood and fear of the victim – Democracy. I remember seeing parents disguising their children in uniform with toy military combat car, red beret and all – during the carnival of 1998 in the Club Gallego of Maracaibo, as the audience applauded the grace that should be crying today .

The disappointment was settling on while many of us insisted on the obligation to improve the existing establishment, what distinguishes democracies since Greeks dared to this social experiment. It seems that shortcuts prevailed when voting in the 1998 election, after a stampede in a group of honorable figures of the establishment, who preferred to save and condemn the system they claimed to represent and ran to the electoral phenomenon of the moment. Respectable , notable and opportunistic ones where portrayed next to the man of the hour, to be then discarded in the road full of carcasses, useful fools and at least a complete political party.

Chavez won the elections with a Supreme Electoral Council that did a fair job in democracy – and proclaimed him despite not being a Democrat. Because it can not be such somebody who pursues extermination against those who oppose in the political arena.

At that time the suicide of a population was consummated. Camouflage deceived the people who still wonders how it was possible ? To begin with – the guy was a military .

Gustavo , April 8, 2014

Tomorrow – Landslide – no really


Written by gpisanic

08/04/2014 a 12:01 AM

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